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CPD Law Seminar - Eugene Hyman

Current Domestic Violence Issues


This is a seminar given by Eugene Hyman, a former Judge in the Santa Clara County Superior Court and Santa Clara County Municipal Courts in California for 20 years. Mr. Hyman speaks on current issues of domestic violence and its treatment in the courts. There is, of course, much in common and much to learn from the American experience.


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Judge Hyman presided over domestic violence cases in the criminal, family, juvenile and probate divisions of the Santa Clara courts. He has also written on law reform, developing the law, and raising public awareness in the area of domestic violence. His Honour describes how domestic violence is recognised as a separate crime in most American States; how the different specialised courts in each jurisdiction relate to domestic violence; and the legislation in various jurisdictions to clarify specific domestic violence issues.

The seminar is followed by a Q & A session.


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