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The Interaction between Bankruptcy and Non-Bankruptcy Courts


This CPD is a seminar on the interaction between bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy Courts. Barrister Christopher Brown exmaines many of the common statutory provisions that are relevant to bankruptcy cases and recent cases that addresses jurisdictional and standing issues. The CPD then concludes with a Q & A session with Federal Circuit Court Judge Riethmuller


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Mr. Brown discusses the cases of Jacks (VSCA), Jatkar (VSC & FCA) and Truthful Endeavour (FCAFC) which are relevant to the recent jurisdictional and standing issues. Mr. Brown discusses three key issues which are present in cases of these circumstances:

  • where a party to a proceeding is or was bankrupt;
  • where some or all of the property the subject of the proceeding has vested (even where bankrupt discharged); and
  • where a trustee in bankruptcy is a party to a proceeding.

Mr. Brown also discusses some of the relevant provisions in the Bankruptcy Act 1966 concerning the jurisdictional issues that arise in bankruptcy cases.

The session is concluded with a Q & A session with His Honour Judge Riethmuller who gives a judicial perspective on the topics raised by Mr Brown.


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