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Sentencing Options involving CCOs and Imprisonment


This seminar is presented by The Honourable Judge Gaynor of the Victorian County Court. Her Honour gives a presentation on the sentencing principles applicable to the imposition of a Community Corrections Order, either alone or in combination with a term of imprisonment. Judge Gaynor discusses how barristers can best make submissions regarding CCOs when appearing in the County Court.


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Judge Gaynor focusses her presentation on Judges limitations  in the County Court in relation to CCOs. She identifies three examples which demonstrates that the sentencing landscape has not changed as much as perhaps thought. Judge Gaynor discusses the case of Winch v The Queen [2010] VSCA 141 in regard to ‘glassing’; inter domestic relationships and how they can effect the sentencing; and the cases of DPP v Basic [2016] VSCA 99 and DPP v Grech [2016] VSCA 98 which gives an example of cases of where there is an issue of defendants having previously served time and the effects this has on sentencing and CCOs.


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