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Royal Commission into Family Violence Report


This CPD is a seminar which discusses the Royal Commission Into Family Violence (March, 2016). His Honour, Chief Magistrate of Victoria, Peter Lauritsen discusses the submissions made by the Magistrates Court and Children’s Court to the Commission, the findings of the Commission, and the relevant recommendations of the Commission.


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Full Description

Mr. Lauritsen discusses the submissions the Magistrates Court and Children’s Court made to the Royal Commission and which submissions formed part of the recommendations of the Royal Commission. He also examines the 27 recommendations which affect the Magistrates Court and Children’s Court.

Mr. Lauritsen goes onto explain the history of the Magistrates court, and how he believes the development of specialist courts is essential, outlining the benefits they serve in the United States. Mr. Lauritsen also details the upgrades to the Hidelberg Magistrates Court, which he believes should be replicated across the rest of the State.


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