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Q&A Session with Stewart Maiden – Cross Border Insolvency Law: What is it & Why is it Important?


In this Q&A Session, Stewart Maiden discusses cross border insolvency law – what it is, why it is important, questions of jurisdictional diversity, modified universalism, the UNCITRAL Model law, foreign proceedings and centre of main interests. Stewart also discusses the cases of Akers v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation, Legend International Holdings Inc (in liq) v Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited and the Hanjin Shipping case.


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Full Description

In 2010 Stewart Maiden undertook study to qualify as a Fellow of INSOL International. INSOL International is a worldwide organisation of insolvency lawyers and accountants with over 9,000 members and approximately 100 Fellows.

Discussion points in this Q&A Session include:

• Cross border insolvency law and why is it important?
• Questions of jurisdictional diversity
• Modified universalism
• The UNCITRAL Model Law on cross-border insolvency
• Foreign proceedings
• Foreign main proceedings
• Foreign non-main proceedings
• Centre of main interests; where directors reside, where decisions are made, where employees work, where assets are physically located


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