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Good Faith in Commercial Agreements-Issues for Advice in Litigation


This seminar discuses good faith in commercial agreements – “Test Case” issues for advice and litigation. This area of the law has been problematic in all Australian jurisdictions. The presenter is Professor Bryan Horrigan, Dean of the Faculty of Law at Monash University.


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This is an area of particular interest and expertise. Professor Horrigan was, for example, a member of the Expert Panel of three whose 2010 report to the Commonwealth Government Strengthening Statutory Unconscionable Conduct and the Franchising Code of Conduct was the basis of significant reform of the Competition and Consumer Act, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act, and the Franchising Code of Conduct.

Professor Horrigan clarifies many of the issues of good faith in commercial agreements and examines the boundaries with examples from Australian and UK cases, such as: Mid Essex Hospital Services v Compass Group UK and Ireland [2013] EXCACIV 200.


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