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Industrial Law CPD – Underpayments: The Liability of Accessories


This is a panel session for the legal profession as a whole attended, not only by members of the Bar, but also by solicitors and in-house counsel practising in the area of industrial law. The seminar focusses on the development of industrial law, particularly in relation to under payments, directors and accessories liability. Stuart Wood QC chairs the session.


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The panel consists of Federal Court Justice Bromberg; the Chief Counsel at the Fair Work Ombudsman, Janine Webster; barrister Robyn Sweet; and Amanda Mansini, the Director, Workplace Relations & Legal, at the Australian Mines and Metals Association.

The release in April 2016 of the Fairwork Ombudsman’sReport on the findings of its Inquiry into the 7-Eleven franchise networktopic focussed attention on developments in industrial law, in particular, thecreationin July 2009 of the Commonwealth Fair Work Ombudsman as a well-funded regulator; the introduction of full-blooded ancillary liability provisions; the massive increase in the level of penalties for breach of an award over the last quarter-century; and enforcement action by the regulator against accessories for breaches of national awards.


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