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An ATO Registry of Trusts and Trust Assets


Dr John Glover, commercial barrister specialising in trusts and tax law and Professor of Law in the Graduate School of Business and Law at RMIT University, speaks on whether Australia needs an ATO registry of trusts and trust assets, and possible characteristics of such a registry.


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Dr John Glover is an eminent commercial barrister and judicial member of the VCAT review and regulation taxation list, and has authored books and over 60 articles on trusts, fiduciary relationships, insolvency and fraud. In this seminar, Dr Glover compares and contrasts the economic role of trusts in Australia, and their relative prevalence in NZ, UK and Canada, examines the current sources of information for the Commissioner of Taxation and discusses international transparency initiatives and the concurrent adaptation of Australian trusts jurisprudence. Trust registries, their potential characteristics, and issues that could arise from or face such a regime are discussed in detail.


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