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Recent Decisions in Insurance Law


This CPD is a seminar which focusses on some of the recent developments in insurance law. The seminar is presented by barristers Dr. Oren Bigos and Gabi Crafti.   Dr. Bigos analysis CGU Insurance Limited v Blakeley [2016] HCA 2. Ms. Crafti examines Todd v Alterra at Lloyds Ltd (on behalf of the underwriting members of Syndicate 1400) [ 2016] FCAFC 15.


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Dr. Bigos was Junior Council on the CGU v Blakley case, and had a heavy hand in the success of his party’s position in the matter. The case concerned whether a group of directors had engaged in insolvent trading in contravention of s 588G of the Corporations Act 2001. Ms. Crafti discusses the Todd v Alterra at Lloyds case, and s 562 of the Corporations Act 2001 and s 117 of the Bankruptcy Act 1966, upon which the case focused.

Dr. Bigos and Ms. Crafti also discussed other cases which formed part of the judgements in the CGU and Todd cases.


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