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Accessorial Liability in National & International Courts after ‘Jogee’


Holding a person criminally responsible for acts they didn’t do themselves pushes the boundaries of just punishment. The landmark case of R v Jogee saw the UK Supreme Court overturn 30 years of precedent on extended criminal liability.

Join Felicity Gerry QC, who led the defence team in Jogee, as she discusses the consequences of this judgment in Australia, Hong Kong, the European Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia.


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This seminar is the first in a series of CPD events relating to international, trans-national and comparative law presented by the Criminal Bar Association and the International Commission of Jurists (Vic). Isabelle Skaburskis, Secretary of the Victorian branch of the ICJ introduces the esteemed Felicity Gerry QC, a London barrister admitted in Australia, and with ad hoc admission in both Hong Kong and Gibraltar. Felicity led the defence team in R v Jogee, the ground breaking murder appeal in the UK Supreme Court which held that the extended form of accessorial liability known as ‘joint enterprise’  – which had been previously referred to as “anomalous and unjust” – was an erroneous tangent of law. Felicity speaks on this important case, and provides valuable insight to the process and response to the ground-breaking case.





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