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Q&A Session with Martin Scott QC – Competition Law: Cartel Cases – Considerations from Investigation to Trial


In this Q&A session, with a focus on Competition Law, Martin Scott QC discusses the challenges and processes in cartel proceedings from investigation through to litigation and resolution. Focusing on the challenges confronting business and their in-house counsel in running cartel litigation, Martin provides insight into the investigation process, the factual complexity arising in framing the issues and arising from the tendency for cases to turn on inferences about “arrangements” or “understandings” and an overview of the issues arising on questions of liability and resolution.


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Full Description

Martin Scott QC offers practical insight for both private practitioners acting for corporations and in-house counsel on the fact gathering process, negotiation options, and precautions that can be taken to mitigate the risk of involvement in cartel proceedings. Martin also provides an overview of the issues arising on questions of liability and resolution.

Key discussion points include:

• What are the challenges confronting businesses and their lawyers in cartel litigation?
• How does the process evolve from investigation to litigation and resolution?
• What issues currently arise on questions of liability and penalties?
• What precautions can be taken?


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