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We’ve Got You Covered – The Role of Group Member Insurers in Class Actions


This CPD is a seminar which examines the case Johnston v Endeavour Energy [2015] NSWSC 1117, which concerned the rights of class plaintiffs and insurers in class actions. Helen Tiplady and Jeff Gleeson QC also provide some practical considerations for those advising class plaintiffs and insurers.


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Full Description

Barrister Helen Tiplady discusses Johnson v Endeavour Energy [2015] NSWSC 1117. Ms. Tiplady explains the background to the proceeding, the issues it raised for determination and the approach which was ultimately adopted by the court.

Jeff Gleeson QC, the Chair of the Insurance section of the Commercial Bar, then leads a discussion regarding some of the practical considerations which practitioners should bear in mind as a result of the decision.

This is an advanced CPD seminar on the topic of class action litigation and not intended for beginners.


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