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Let’s talk about recognition: Reflections on the Constitutional debate based on Tasmanian Dams


Recent campaigns and debate have centred on the need to recognise Indigenous Australians as the first peoples of Australia under the Australian Constitution. This CPD seminar, presented by Mick Dodson AM, focusses on the seminal judgment in the Tasmanian Dams case, and the effects of the High Court’s decision.


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Mr. Dodson is the Director of the National Centre for Indigenous Studies at the Australian National University and also a Professor of Law and ANU College. Mr. Dodson is the Chair of the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and is the Deputy Chair of the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute. Mr. Dodson was the first Aboriginal Australian to sign an Australian Bar roll as a member of the Victorian Bar.

Mr. Dodson discusses in the CPD the findings of the High Court in the Tasmanian Dams case and the impact these findings have had on the pursuit for constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians. Mr. Dodsman discusses the judgements of the High Court in the case, particularly, the judgement concerning the operation of the ‘race power’ within the Constitution (s.51(xxvi)).


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