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Inaugural Annual Industrial Law Update


The Hon. Justice Mordy Bromberg, along with Steven Moore QC, Kate Burke and Brendan Avallone discuss a range of topics in Employment and Industrial Relations Law, including trends in the National Practice Area, sham contracting, the Fair Work Commission award review and the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).


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Full Description

Keynote Speaker The Hon. Justice Mordy Bromberg speaks on the topic ‘Current Trends in Employment and Industrial Law in the Federal Court’. His Honour highlights statistics in Employment and Industrial Relations National Practice Area, including filings, finalisations, application types and length of trial.

Steven Moore QC speaks on sham contracting, an area which has taken on a profile in litigation in the Federal Court, and the prominence of the prohibition of such sham contracting, specifically in s357 of the Fair Work Act.

Kate Burke, a barrister with particular speciality in class action and complex litigation, speaks on the Fair Work Commission’s 4 yearly review of modern awards, and some of the issues that have emerged from this process.

Finally, Brendan Avallone speaks on Protected Action Ballot Order (PABO) applications under s437 of  the Fair Work Act, the legislative objective, the timeline and its practicableness, the concept of “genuinely trying to reach agreement” (GTRA), and the application of Esso and Total Marine in these applications.


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