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Annual Employment Law Update November 2016


Speaker(s): Chair: Dr Victoria Lambropoulos Speakers: Justice McDonald-Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Head of Industrial Relations and Employment Law List of the Supreme Court, Associate Justice Ieradiaconou-Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Paul O'Grady QC, Joel Fetter-Barrister, Dr Victoria Lambropoulos-Barrister

This CPD session discusses trends on the Employment and Industrial List of the Supreme Court of Victoria, focusing on post employment restraints and injunctions, Corporations Act issues concerning employees and many other topics.


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In this CPD, Associate Justice Ieradiaconou, appointed to the Supreme Court in 2015, discusses interlocutory applications and directions hearings in the Employment & Industrial List of the Supreme Court of Victoria (‘the List’).  Her Honour also discusses the common types of interlocutory applications being made in the List and Her Honour shares some practical suggestions with you regarding the List.

Justice McDonald, Head of the Industrial Relations and Employment Law List of the Supreme Court, talks on the aims in establishment of the Employment and Industrial List, especially in regards to case management of employment related litigation. His Honour discusses recent trends on the List, and outlines the most frequent proceedings in the list, those relating to restrain of trade and confidentiality clauses in contracts.

Dr Lambropoulous discusses the little-explored overlap between Employment Law Disputes and the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the potential source of claims found in this legislation.

Joel Fetter, member of the Victorian Bar who practices predominantly in employment and industrial law, speaks on restraints of trade specifically the practical and strategic considerations which apply to parties in this type of litigation.

Paul O’Grady QC outlines a summary of the principles that apply in relation to the area of restraint of trade.


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