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Public Examinations: Perspectives from the Supreme Court and Federal Court


This CPD is a panel session on matters of public examinations. The Panel, chaired by Michael Galvin QC, consists of Tim Luxton Deputy District Registrar, Federal Court Australia, Julian Hetyey, Judicial Registrar of the Commercial Court of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Rupert Burns, Deputy District Registrar of the Federal Court and barrister Dr. Oren Bigos.


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Full Description

The panel discuss a variety of topics related to public examinations, including:

  • why a creditor, trustee or liquidator would want to conduct a public examination;
  • how the court approaches the questions of the examinees personal financial position;
  • the differences between the Federal Circuits Court and the Federal Court;
  • what procedures and what factors govern the production of documents when the scope of production in the summons may be too wide; and
  • the Harman Rule.


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