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Motherisk Laboratory Hair, Drug and Alcohol testing: Independent Review


Professor Olaf Drummer is Deputy Director (Academic Programs) at Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and Professor and Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine at Monash University.
Courts routinely accepted Motherisk’s hair drug test results without challenge as evidence of parental substance abuse until a retired Judge’s independent review exposed mistakes in testing procedures, as the result of a successful appeal against conviction in the Canadian Bloomfield case.


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Professor Drummer discusses the 2009 wrongful conviction in the Canadian Bloomfield case, during which mistaken forensic evidence was relied upon. In response to Bloomfield’s release, the Ontarian government released a review into hair evidence, in which Prof Drummer was one of two expert forensic medical witnesses. Methods, collection protocols, etc. were reviewed in regards to testing for drugs in the hair of children. Drummer also discusses newfound reluctance to rely on solely hair evidence and methods of contamination.


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