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The Use of Psychologist and Psychiatrist Reports in Sentencing


This CPD is a seminar given by Victorian County Court Judge David Parsons. Judge Parsons discusses his experience with expert reports and offers practical tips and advice for legal practitioners in their role of the production of admissible and relevant expert reports. His Honour also explains the requirements for the admissibility of expert reports.


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Full Description

Justice Parsons illustrates, through examples of past cases, some of which he was involved in, how counsel should be involved in the formation of expert reports to ensure they are admissible. Further, His Honour discusses how to choose an appropriate expert witness, how an expert report should be presented, and what must be established to ensure the report is admissible. His Honour examines the following cases and legislature:

  • the context of Practice Directions;
  • the Verdins principle;
  • DPP v O’Neill;
  • the Evidence Act 2008;
  • Harrington-Smith on behalf of the Wongatha People v Western Australia (No 7) [2003] 893 FCA;
  • Jango v Northern Territory (No 4) [2004] FCA 1539; and
  • HG v The Queen S67/1998 [1998] HCA Trans 316.


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