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Updates under the LPUL


This seminar is a panel session providing an update of the rules, policies and new cost disclosure requirements under the Legal Profession Uniform Law. The panel, chaired by barrister Ted Woodward S.C., consists of Victorian Legal Services Commissioner Michael McGarvie and the Manager of Administrative Law and Consumer Matters at the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commission, Tim O’Farrell.


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The panel discusses uniform law in practice, cost disclosure and interpreting the Civil Procedure Act 2-10 through examining recent cases. The panel explain how the Legal Services Board and Commission, as a local regulator, are working in practice with the new uniform bodies, Mr. O’Farrell identifies two entities of particular importance. The panel also discuss the tools available to them to resolve cost disputes. The panel additionally examine the co-operation between NSW and Victoria and make suggestions as to how the states can co-operate as harmoniously as possible.


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