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Artificial Intelligence: Legal Issues and Litigation – Overview


In this CPD, the panel will provide an update on global Artificial Intelligence trends, implications for the law, and impacts on legal practice and litigation


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His Honour Justice Beach of the Federal Court chairs a discussion on the artificial intelligence and the significant impacts on the legal profession. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic internationally – in late 2016, the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee published a report discussing robotics and AI, and in February 2017, the European Parliament passed a resolution and recommendations on the same topic. In the last few years, a huge volume of literature has emerged, which has discussed questions of AI, and relevantly to lawyers, the liability that may arise from autonomous and semi-autonomous systems. Phil Scorgie, an independent consultant specialising in information technology for legal services, and who has worked in major legal firms speaks on current AI developments, and legal industry trends in the use and application of AI. Don Farrands, commercial barrister, speaks on the interaction between AI and litigation.


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