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Fraud Investigation & Forensic Accounting Demystified


This CPD session highlights the assistance that forensic accountants and fraud investigators can provide to legal professionals, particularly in the investigation stages, and further in the analysis stages in fraud cases. Key areas covered in this CPD include: the costs & facts of fraud, bribery & corruption; cases studies; foreign bribery & corruption types of forensic accountants engagements; what forensic accountants and certified fraud examiners do, and compares the differences between auditing and forensic investigations.


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Andrew Tragardh, a barrister at the Victorian Bar has focussed his practice on acting for victims of fraud, and in particular, using the civil courts to recover assets which have been misappropriated through fraudulent behaviour. Mr. Tragardh discusses what assistance forensic accountants and fraud investigators can provide, as well as the limitations on the amount of aid the police can provide victims of fraud. Mr. Tragardh lists the most appropriate professionals to involve when acting for a victim of fraud, and the best course of action to take in attempt to recover assets misappropriated through fraudulent behaviour.

Roger Darvall-Stevens, the National Head of Fraud and Forensic Services in Australia and Partner at RSM, and former police detective in the area of fraud, discusses fraud investigation. Mr. Darvall-Stevens in his presentation speaks on costs, facts, the fraud triangle, investigator qualifications, licensing, experiences, domestic fraud & corruption versus   foreign bribery & corruption, and case studies.

Adeline Shelley, Senior Manager of Fraud and Forensic Services of RSM, who spent 10 years as one of two forensic accountants at New Scotland Yard, in London, discusses the types of forensic accounting engagements, the roles of a forensic accountant, case studies, and compares auditing and forensic investigations.


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