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Family Therapy – What is it? When can it be helpful? Who can it be helpful for?


The Victorian Bar in conjunction with the Health and Wellbeing Committee present speakers; Bernadette Healy, Re-Vision Group Counselling (The Victorian Bar Counselling service) and Rosa Silvestro, Psychologist and Family Consultant. The session focuses on family therapy as it would apply to potential clients and services available for barristers themselves and their families.


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Family Therapy is usually connected with family breakdown and divorce but more and more it is being used for intact families at times of stress such as having children, financial concerns or deaths in the family. It is also being accessed to deal with the increasingly common situation of blending families and caring for aging parents. Whether these issues are relevant to you personally or your clients, this session will offer you the opportunity to find out more about the services offered by the Vic Bar Counselling service as well as services offered privately in the community.


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