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Changes to Practice Court matter in the Supreme Court


This seminar is given by The Honourable Justice Jack Forrest and The Honourable Justice Judd of the Supreme Court of Victoria. The seminar discusses the changes that have been made to the Common Law Division and the Commercial Court in relation to the operation of the Practice Court, particularly regarding the lists and listing arrangements of both courts.


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Full Description

Justice J Forrest focusses his discussion on the developments in the Common Law division. The Practice Court now hears exclusively urgent common law matters. His Honour details how he expects this development to effect the operation of the practice court in the coming years.

Justice Judd focusses his discussion on the Commercial Court. His Honour discusses the function of the Duty Judge Regime in the Commercial Court, and how this contributed to the segregation of the Common Law Division and Commercial Court urgent applications. Justice Judd explains the urgent applications process, and how practitioners should approach the application.

The presentation by Justices Judd and J Forrest is followed by a Q & A session.



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