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  • FREE ACCESS: Stamping out Sexual Harassment at the Bar

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    FREE ACCESS: Stamping out Sexual Harassment at the Bar

    6 October 2020

    2020 has been a year of difficult revelations in the legal profession: a survey by the Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner reported that one third of those who responded had experienced sexual harassment in the workplace; the Chief Justice of the High Court stating that an inquiry into allegations of sexual harassment against a former High Court Judge found that six former Court staff members were harassed by him; and the Victorian Attorney-General announced a comprehensive review of the practices and protocols preventing and reporting sexual harassment in the courts and VCAT and across the legal profession.

    In this webinar, Jenny Firkin QC, Chair of the Bar’s Equality and Diversity Committee, speaks with Kenneth Hayne AC QC about sexual harassment at the Bar. What are the cultural behaviours that we need to change? What can people who experience sexual harassment do? What should those who witness or hear of it do? And, if it’s not clear to perpetrators that their advances are unwelcome, what alarm bells should trigger them to stop and think.