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Ethical Issues for Junior Solicitors and Junior Barristers


This seminar discusses a number of the ethical issues that barristers and solicitors commonly encounter. It focuses on junior members of the legal profession and their obligation, both legal and moral, to the community and the Court. The presenters are Justice John Forrest and Associate Justice Mary-Jane Ierodiaconou, both of the Victorian Supreme Court.


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Associate Justice Ierodiaconou, who practised as a solicitor for more than 18 years and was founding and managing partner of a City law firm before appointment to the Court, focuses on virtue ethics and the moral role that barristers and solicitors have within the community.

Justice John Forrest discusses the role and responsibility that counsel has to the Court. His Honour discusses two cases that deal with the conduct of counsel in court which illustrates how certain conduct can harm not only one’s case, but also one’s reputation within the judicial system.

Relevant provisions of the Legal Profession Uniform Conduct (Barristers) Rules 2015 and of the Civil Procedure Act 2010 (Vic) are discussed.


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