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17-11-13 Industrial Law Regulatory Compliance Recent Developments

Industrial Law Regulatory Compliance: Recent Developments


Senior representatives of the three major regulators in industrial law will speak about recent developments in their areas. Mark Irving chairs a discussion by three major regulators in the industrial law field. Cathy Cato, Acting Commissioner of the Australian Building and Construction Commission, The Hon Neil Jessup, former Federal Court Judge, and Janine Webster, Chief Counsel of the Fair Work Ombudsman, discuss recent development in their respective areas.


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Acting Commissioner of the ABC, Cathy Cato, speaks on the activities of the ABC in the field of industrial relations and beyond. The recently broadened jurisdiction of the ABC allows for the crossing over with a number of regulations, and provides insight for counsel advising clients in relation to the Building Code and general co-compliance. The Hon Neil Jessup speaks on accessorial liability, with specific focus on section 550 of the Fair Work Act, providing for accessorial liability for contravention of civil remedy provisions, and its interaction with other legislation in the area. Janine Webster, Chief Counsel of the Fair Work Ombudsman, discusses the recent decision of FWO v NSH North Pty Ltd [2017] FCA 1301, a case involving accessorial liability of an internal advisor, and gives insight to the litigation program of the FWO.


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