Q&A Session with Dr Matthew Collins QC and Michael Rivette

Q&A Session with Dr Matthew Collins QC and Michael Rivette

CPD Law Seminar - Dr Matthew Collins QCIn this Q&A Session, barristers Dr Matthew Collins QC and Michael Rivette discuss recent developments in defamation and privacy law.

Dr Matthew Collins QC was called to the Victorian Bar in 1999 and was appointed silk in 2011.  Dr Collins clients include major corporations, most of Australia’s main media outlets and many high profile Australian and international public figures. His PhD thesis was the first in the world to examine how the principle of defamation law might have to adapt to the online world.

Dr Collins is an accomplished author having written all three editions of ‘The Law of Defamation and the Internet (Oxford University Press, 2001, 2005 and 2010), the standard international text on the application of principles of defamation law to online publications. Dr Collins is also the author of ‘Collins on Defamation’ (Oxford University Press, 2014), a new generalist text on the law of defamation of England and Wales, and the first to analyse comprehensively the implications of the Defamation Act 2013 (UK). He has also written many peer-reviewed articles on aspects of media law.

CPD Law Seminar - Michael Rivette

Michael Rivette

Dr Collins has acted in several of the most significant defamation and media cases heard in Australia in the last 15 years. He is a Senior Fellow at the Melbourne University Law School and is also a member of One Brick Court, one of the leading sets of media and information law chambers in London.

Michael Rivette has accrued more than 30 years legal experience both in general commercial law and as an advocate.  Michael came to the Bar in 1982 and has over 20 years experience in business as an owner, director and board member of communications, marketing, entertainment and media companies.

Michael is a regular guest lecturer on intellectual property, media and privacy law in the under-graduate and post-graduate teaching programs at the Melbourne University Law School. He is also a regular keynote speaker at seminars conducted throughout Australia by the Centre for Media and Communications Law (CMLC), where he presents to legal professionals on the developing areas of privacy, breach of confidence, data protection and media law and litigation. He is also on the advisory board of the Centre for Media and Communications Law.